Total Renovation

IWRenovatieprojecten is a renowned construction company for renovations, repairs and decorative designs. As a contractor in renovation we offer you a total package, tailored to your needs and your budget.

We realize your project from well thought-out concept to peak-fine elaboration, where you are closely involved from design to completion. You can count on expert advice, a clear deadline and a permanent site follow-up. Already at the first appointment you will receive advice and you will be informed about the new products and possibilities. This way you can create ideas that you have not thought of yourself.

And it often happens that with a smaller budget you can do a lot more in your renovation project. Think carefully before you start yourself! Together with a professional company, your renovation plans are more likely to succeed!

We work with a solid, experienced team

Renovation is done entirely according to the rules of art: with expertise, craftsmanship and sense of aesthetics. We only work with regular professionals. We form a close team and communicate effectively – with each other and with you.

For both small and large renovation works, it is better to call in a renovation firm. Think for example of your bathroom renovation or the installation of your kitchen. Of course you can do this yourself, but do not underestimate these works! It is precision work and something can always go wrong.

There is a lot of professional work involved: plumbing and electricity for example. And maybe you also want a new ceiling. And what do you think of floor and gyproc working or installing custom cabinets? You must already have a lot of experience to do these renovations well.

In renovation, trust is our code word

It is also literally the building block of our company. Without any surprises in terms of planning or budget: we will always inform you clearly and correctly. As soon as you approve the development plan, we will give you a clear start and end date of the work. With clear agreements you know exactly what to expect. Which, incidentally, does not mean that you can no longer adjust during the execution. We are flexible enough to adjust planning and budget in that case.

Present us projects of any size

We fall back on a broad network of professionals, so no challenge is too high for us. Enlist us for large-scale renovation projects, but also for smaller jobs.



We guarantee: quality of work and speed of execution. We always stand for our work quickly and at the highest level, because we understand that people value their time and money. No worries about delays or unfinished work – it’s our warranty policy!

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